10 Best Arm Blasters 2020 Review [BUYER’S GUIDE]

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Proper technique and form matter the most when it comes to boosting muscle gains and achieving goals in a fairly short period of time.
Yeah, in fact, form really does matter. In almost all the strength training exercises, doing incorrectly or in a bad form make you prone to potential injuries, unusual pain, and soreness.

Similarly, body alignment and incorrect form can have other more negative effects on your body and muscle. Thus, it will push you further away from reaching your fitness goal.

And damn to those densely crowded gyms where you can’t even see yourself and check your form. That really sucks, right?

In some cases, mostly if you are a beginner, you’re trying to push yourself a bit harder and curl heavier weights than you’re used to, that’s when you are most likely to slip your form.But don’t worry an arm blaster does all the work. It ensures that you’re not leaning back or using your neck to lift the weight while you’re doing bicep curls.

Introduction To Arm Blasters

Arm blasters are basically curved metallic equipment which is about 2 ft long and 4” high. You can wear it around your neck when performing biceps curls. They are somewhat similar to resistance bands in the sense that you can use them in your arm workout session and optimize your gains in a shorter amount of time.

Arm Blaster is not a new gimmick in the bodybuilding industry. If you’ve watched some Old School workout footages, you must have seen Arnold Schwarzenegger doing EZ Bar Biceps Curls with Arm Blasters hung around his neck.

They got really a good hype in around 1970s and still, they are the best and relevant exercise equipment that you can use for your arms workout.

What Does An Arm Blaster Do?

Basically, arm blaster corrects your form. Its principle is simple that you should keep your elbows stationary and in front of the torso while curling.

It ensures that your arms are locked at your sides, thereby, isolating the movement. In fact, it conjointly disallows or reduces your ability to cheat on your curls.

Arm Blaster forces the elbows to remain in front of your torso while you curl and helps you to keep the elbows stationary during the movement as most of the lifter have the habit of loading in the huge plates and swing their body like a pendulum while working out which is absolutely insane.

Is Arm Blaster Worth Buying?

Yes, why not. It is much cheaper than buying an incline or preacher bench. Not only is it cheap, but also it occupies very little space like you can throw it away around the corner when not in use.

An arm blaster is lightweight and portable. If you workout at home, it is a must-get kind of equipment and is definitely the most affordable way to go.

You can pack it easily in your duffel bag and take to the gym with you. By doing so, you also won’t have to wait for anyone to finish up their preacher bench curl as it is the most uninteresting thing about gyms.

This go-to equipment possesses awesome versatility as compared to preacher curl or spider curl bench. With an arm blaster, you can curl using an EZ bar, a straight bar, or even dumbbells.

I bet the only thing you won’t like about this equipment is that you will get a lot of people asking if they can try your goofy looking “old school” gear. In fact, for some, it may be a good thing if you’re looking to make friends.

What’s The Correct Way To Use An Arm Blaster?

There’s no hard and fast rule to use an arm blaster. It’s really simple yet you have to consider some things to optimize its benefits.

First of all, adjust the strap to the correct height such that it is just below your chest and the back of your arms rests on it. Thus, your elbows should be slightly below the elbow pads when your arms are resting on an arm blaster.

If it is your first time using an arm blaster, then as you curl your elbows will dig into the pads and if it is too far down, your elbows will rest on it instead of the back of your arms which will cause the arm blasters to tilt into your stomach. It’ll then not support your elbows rather you’ll hurt your stomach as the top edge is being pushed into your belly in such condition.

Next thing to keep in mind when you find the optimum spot for resting your arms is using the optimum weight.

Going too heavy will again force your elbows into the blaster which in turn pushes it into your stomach. It may cause trouble for you in breathing.

Moreover, with your elbows kept forward, the short head of your biceps is targeted primarily. So, you don’t require to go heavy to work on that small muscle.

Is Arm Blaster Only For Biceps?

Although arm blasters are primarily optimized for biceps workout, its benefits to triceps are often left unnoticed.

You can wear an arm blaster while doing tricep pushdowns so that your elbows remain in front during muscular contraction which keeps all the stress on the triceps before your rear delt activates.

So arm blasters can be used during triceps workout too.

10 Best Arm Blasters 2020 Ranked

There’s no such huge difference between various arm blasters in the market as almost all are based on the same principle of keeping your arms forward and isolating your biceps.

As long as the strap does not get cut, you can use the same arm blaster which I suppose will last for the rest of your life.

The top ranking Arm Blasters as of our research are ranked and described below:

DMoose Fitness Curl Arm Blaster


Top 10 Best Arm Blaster 2020 - DMoose Fitness curlArm Blaster
  • Brand: DMoose Fitness
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds (0.8 kgs)
Among the tons of arm blasters available out there, DMoose Fitness Curl Arm Blaster is the best one as it has been gaining insane popularity and immense positive reviews. Since this product has about 1037 reviews where 75% are positive ones, it must be doing something worthwhile.  DMoose Fitness Arm Curl Blaster is designed by fitness experts enhanced with thick padded elbow pads and foam neck padding that really adds safety and comfort to users. It comes with an adjustable strap to support both men and women lifters.

In order to make it lightweight and increase gear durability, DMoose Arm Blaster is made up of thick gauge aluminum, strong rivets, and an adjustable nylon belt that adds stability.

Not convinced yet? Well, the lifetime guarantee that this gear comes with will definitely change your mind.


Comfortable fit with extra padding and support

Reinforced Aluminium with strong rivets

Fully Adjustable Nylon Straps

Genuine Lifetime Guarantee



Ensure Targeted Strength Gains in your Biceps

Comfort fit and adjustable strap

Lightweight thick gauge aluminum



Little back strain if you’re a beginner which gets away overtime

One customer complained about the slippage of the fastener

Width of the bar may feel small




Rimsports Arm Blaster For Biceps

Top 10 Best Arm Blaster 2020 - Rimsports Arm Blaster

  • Brand: RIMSports
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds (1 kg)

The Arm Blaster is designed with a posture support technology which makes it an ideal tool for bodybuilders and weightlifters. It enables faster and efficient results and is so versatile that it is equally suitable for both beginners and professionals.

It has a heavy plastic buckle for a clip for security and like DMoose it is made of a thick gauge of aluminium and nylon strap. The dense elbow pad really reduces unwanted momentum while doing both dumbbell curls and barbell curls.


In order to eliminate any sort of discomfort, there’s an additional neck strap padding. It comes with a unique contoured shape rigid metal design which effectively isolates your biceps ensuring quicker blood flow to your biceps at the same time. It increases the muscles size of your biceps without causing it to fatigue quickly.


✔ Posture Support technology

✔ Unique contoured shape

✔ Performance enhancing design

✔ Heavy Duty Construction

✔ Free Arm Blaster EBook Manual


Comfort fit

Affordable and Durable


Not Suited For All Sizes

Looks awkward if not fitted proper

Difficulty using for weights more than 100lbs.

Little Heavier than DMoose Arm Blaster





Body-Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber

Top 10 Best Arm Blaster 2020 -Bodysolid BB23 Arm Blaster

  • Brand: Body-Solid
  • Model: BB23
  • Weight: 2 lbs

With a specially-contoured biceps isolator, you can position your body properly for curls. Body-Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber comes with a webbed nylon belt with over 1000-lbs weight-bearing capacity, which is really awesome. The neoprene neck pad provides great comfort in your neck while the dense elbow pads make it very easy and comfortable on your elbows.

It can also be used to isolate the triceps muscles. It has a lot of positive reviews and lifters feel it really comfortable around the chest and on the back of the neck. Moreover, it is very easy to adjust the strap to the optimal spot.

Body-Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber is appropriately designed to provide greater isolation which creates more tension in your biceps muscles thereby inducing its growth.



✔ Thick Elbow pads

✔ Webbed Nylon Belts

✔ Lightweight

✔ Dense neck pads


Webbed Nylon Belt offers 1000-lbs capacity


Awesome Comfort and stability 


Little small in size

Complaints about loose screws





RAD Ultimate Strength Arm Blaster

Top 10 Best Arm Blaster 2020 -RAD Ultimate strength Arm Blaster
  • Brand: RAD
  • Weight: 1.39 lbs

With 24” long RAD Ultimate Strength Arm Blaster, you can achieve great support and maintain correct form while doing heavy bicep curls. It comes with an adjustable strap and a heavy-duty plastic buckle which allows awesome flexibility to maintain proper posture in almost all body size and body types. It is a great gear to isolate the arms with great comfort as it has neoprene padding to rest against the neck(which also prevents rashes) and foam padding to rest the arms with great ease.

The RAD Ultimate Strength Arm Blaster is really a sturdy and durable arm blaster which has an awesome number of positive reviews on the market. What’s highly praised about this arm blaster is its semi-gloss to flat finish along with a safe design that leaves zero chances of experiencing back pain.


✔ One size best fits for all

✔ Adjustable strap

✔ Comfortable Neck Padding

✔ Heavy-duty plastic buckle


Multiple colour option

Supreme v2 foam neck padding

Neoprene Neck Cushion avoids rashes

4-top level sturdy rivets

Replace or refund available



Prone to bending after some time of using

Comparatively poor design

Neck padding could be made thicker





Legendary Workout Arm Blaster 


Legendary Workout Arm blaster


  • Brand: Legendary Workout
  • Weight: 2.09 lbs

If you want bigger arms with great definition, then you have to give them support from a well-designed arm blaster like the legendary workout arm Blaster. It is designed to be the top quality light with aluminium metal for biceps and tricep isolations during curls.  It comes with an adjustable neck strap that offers a great level of comfort and the company claims that it can sustain up to 300 pounds of weight. It comes with a great quality fitness workout Gloves (weight lifting grips)  designed for optimum protection and comfort.


Legendary workout arm Blaster comes with a bonus video and an ebook Which will teach you exactly what you need to do in order to build and use biceps and triceps with 20  different exercises. What more to ask for when the legendary workout arm blaster is given a  lifetime guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied,  they will refund you the full purchase price. Those who have bought this product have greatly commended about the great product design and craftsmanship. It is a great product which is extremely sturdy and provides great comfort with thick neck padding.



✔ Bonus video and ebook with 20 exercises for biceps and triceps

✔ Lightweight

✔ Weight lifting grips



Lightweight and comfortable

Lifetime guarantee

Sturdy design



Does not look tough as much as it is

Little discomfort around the chest

Could have been made lighter 





Farabi Fitness Weightlifting Arm Blaster


Top 10 Best Arm Blaster 2020 -Farabi Fitness Weightlifting Arm Blaster

  • Brand:  Farabi Sports
  • Model: FAB-1001
  • Weight: 1.94 lbs

Farabi sports is one of the reputable brands in the fitness industry. It has designed an ultimate solid metal arm blaster which is specially made for athletes to help them focus and concentrate on developing arm strength and building their biceps. Farabi fitness weight lifting arm blaster is made from HG solid metal Which makes it a really durable item.  The Nylo-Fab XCR straps and PU_X Core padding for the elbow and the neck have drastically increased its comfort and quality. It has GCT-cushioning to provide additional support to the neck and make the movement comfortable and easier.

Farabi fitness weight lifting arm blaster is made with NHT-curve design That efficiently restricts the movement of arms and elbows to diverge strength training impact directly to the muscles. It specifically targets the underground areas and enhances that aesthetic effect on the overall bicep look.


✔ NHT Curve Design

✔ Nylo-Fab XCR Strap

✔ HG-Solid Metal Construction

✔ Durable item


Efficient Padding

Sturdy and durable



May be small for huge people over 6’5”

Could have used extra padding




Core Prodigy Cannon Curl + Fit Grips


Core prodigy cannon curl and fit grips Arm Blaster
  • Brand:  Core Prodigy
  • Model: FBA_CCFG01
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs

Well, this is a Combo package that includes Cannon Curl and Fit Grips 2.0  supplemented with extra features which has, over the years, gained immense popularity and become a people’s favourite. The combination of fit grips and Cannon Curl Arm blaster by core Prodigy will assist you to strengthen your grip and Build the arm muscles. Moreover, the increased diameter of the power will assist you to achieve greater muscle activation in your arms and hands, thereby, leading to bigger faster games in muscle size and boost in functional strength of the overall arm.

The core Prodigy Cannon Curl will perfectly support your elbows and enables you to keep the form and poster correct during curls. Thus you’ll notice proper bicep isolation and it will also prevent you from cheating during curls. Moreover, it is made up of thick and strong aluminium and it will never bend during use. It comes with an adjustable belt made up of heavy-duty nylon.  The neck pad is also made up of comfortable and thick neoprene. What’s more to ask for when the fit grips have a lifetime warranty.


✔ Combo package- arm blaster + fit grips

✔ Lifetime warranty

✔ High-quality durable materials



Extra gear i.e fit grips 2.0

Lifetime Warranty


Awkward fit for people of a wider frame

Fit grips may not suit if you have really big hands





4fit Heavy-duty arm blaster

4fit arm blaster for biceps


  • Brand: 4fit
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs

All Arm blasters usually have similar designs. The only factor that sets it apart from others is the material quality and work as said. The 4fit Heavy-duty arm Blaster Has the same controlled design that allows your arms and shoulders to be isolated while keeping the back in elbows locked in a curling position. It has a heavy metal buckle for a clip that keeps the bill secure and sturdy.  It comes with Supreme V2 form neck padding and an adjustable neck strap Which reduces any kind of discomfort caused by any other arm blasters.

4fit heavy-duty arm blaster is affordably designed to provide Supreme comfort as it has super-padded, dense elbow pads,  which works effectively to reduce the moment when doing bicep curls with a dumbbell or with a barbell.  The supreme design also reduces the unnecessary stress put on the arms when performing curls due to thick elbow pads. It is a lightweight and portable piece of equipment which is really awesome to have quicker blood pumps to your biceps and forearms in order to increase your biceps muscles.


✔ Supreme V2 foam neck padding

✔ Contoured design

✔ Heavy-duty metal buckle for safety





Dense elbow pads


The strap may feel a little long

Discomfort around the chest in the beginning





Ader Curl Arm Blaster

Top 10 Best Arm Blaster 2020 -Ader Curl Arm Blaster

  • Brand: Ader Sporting Goods
  • Model: TE-800
  • Weight: 1.98 lbs

Designed with a heavy-gauge aluminum contoured plate, Alder Curl Arm Blaster is awesome gear to isolate arms and shoulders while keeping back and elbows locked in position for curling. The aluminum plate is quite strong as it supports up to 1000-lbs weight easily. It comes with a webbed nylon belt and thick elbow pads for safety and comfort. It offers great stability and is pretty lightweight.

It comes in one size and fits all the people, tall or small. It has a really easy to adjust nylon strap which can be adjusted to a decent level as is comfortable too.

Ader Curl Arm Blaster is an advanced update to the old-school arm blaster which was popular in the 1970s. It prevents your arms from flaring out when curling heavyweights.

It is pretty sturdy and comfortable and you will get an amazing bicep pump even with heavyweight ensuring proper form and no swing. It is a pretty affordable priced gear which comes with all the required features and is worth giving a try.


✔ Contoured Heavy-gauge Aluminium Plate

✔ Adjustable Nylon Strap

✔ One size fits all



Efficient pump and stability


Safety Elbow Padding


Weak Strap

Comparatively Poor Design

Quite uncomfortable in neck




Fire Team Fit Arm Blaster

Fire Team Fit Arm Blaster

  • Brand: Fire Team Fit
  • Weight: 1.8lbs
The Fireteam fit arm Blaster is designed by a small veteran owned business company called fire team. It is properly designed to minimize injury and maximize muscular hypertrophy by increasing blood flow to your biceps and triceps region. It works effectively to lock your elbows in place and allows you to isolate the biceps during curls with Barbells or dumbbells. It comes with a comfortable neoprene neck cradle that will keep your arm blaster in place without exerting stress on your neck. 
Moreover, the perfectly controlled design makes the piece of material fit your body shape perfectly to maximize form and isolate your biceps with minimal discomfort to the rest of your body.  Similarly, it has a soft padding for your elbows which reduces any kind of abrasion marks on the backs of your arms.


The arm blaster can easily be hung in place with easily adjustable neck-straps that won’t move or slip during your workout. It comes with a lifetime warranty so you can be confident that this equipment won’t ever break and if it does, you can get another brand new for free.


✔ Spongy Neoprene Neck Pad

✔ Adjustable Neck Strap

✔ Soft Elbow Padding



Simple Design

Lifetime warranty


Slight discomfort around the back of your elbow



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