13 Real Benefits Of Pull Ups Exercise Everyday

Who is not fond of gaining strength? Everybody is.

Don’t you want the muscles growth in your back?

Well, everybody does.

Pull-ups can fulfill these goals. However, the benefits of pull ups is not only limited to strength and muscle growth.

Mostly people do pull-ups in their Back Day with an aim to build muscles in their back. That’s fine. But if you’re hoping only your back muscles to grow, you’re missing something out. Its because pull ups also induces muscles growth and strength growth in your biceps and core too.

The pull-up is an advanced exercise for upper body strength training that stands out from many other back or bicep exercises. Despite being considered as a challenging exercise for both men and women, pull-ups are worth adding into our weekly strength training routine.

This article presents seven benefits of pull ups.

Benefits of Pull ups

1. Great Compound Exercise

Pull-ups impacts multiple joints(1) and muscle groups simultaneously as a compound exercise. A pull-up does the job of many exercises through one single movement by involving many joints and muscles at the same time.

Every single pull-up requires you to lift your whole body weight using the muscles in your upper body making it one of the perfect exercises for those who always dream of a shredded upper body. Besides, by working out the biceps, triceps, forearms, wrist’s grip strength, lats, shoulders, and core in one single movement, not only do pull-ups enable you to build muscle efficiently but it also saves your time on training these muscles individually.

2. Offers Different Variations

It has tons of variations. One of the great benefits of pull ups is there are many different variations of pull-ups and you can do them with the same piece of equipment. Each variation of pull-ups can enable you to focus on different parts of your body and change the way this exercise affects your body. Many variations of pull-ups involve changing the grips, your leg position or the width between your hands on the bar.

For example, if you want to target more at your mid-section and lower back just keep your legs extended while pulling up or if your target is the Outer Lats or Biceps then a narrow grip will be more suitable.

3. Easy To Make Progress With

It is easy to make progress with pull-ups. If you are the type of person who always desires to move forward with your training then pull-ups are the ideal exercise for you. By doing pull-ups on a regular basis, you will constantly enhance your strength and endurance unlike deadlifts which are difficult to go any further once you hit a natural plateau.

Weighted pull-ups are much easier to break through a plateau and make progress. You may struggle to do one or two pull-ups at first but soon you will find yourself in progress doing 10 or more reps easily for that helps improve your physique.

4. Perfect V-shape Builder

Pull-ups are the perfect choice for those dreaming of a v-shaped physique by engaging multiple muscles in one single movement, especially, the Latissimus Dorsi, Biceps and the core. Pull-ups make your shoulder look broader and your waist look smaller over time giving your body an attractive v-shaped physique.

Not to mention, it also enables you to build your back strength which not only decreases the risk of back pain but also improves your posture.

5. Boosts Your Grip Strength

It helps to build a strong grip (2). Grip strength is crucial in not only your training exercises like deadlifts and mountain climbing but also your daily activities like holding your baby, carrying groceries or even opening jars, all making pull-ups a great exercise.

It is obvious that you need a strong grip to do a single pull-up as your hands and fingers have to lift your entire body but conversely pull-ups are an amazing way to strengthen your grip.

So, start doing a few pull-ups now if you are having a hard time with your stubborn jars.

6. Reduces The Risk Of Injuries

It decreases the risk of joint or tendon injuries unlike many high impact exercises such as back squats that can be tough on your joints and tendons. Pull-ups can be considered as a joint friendly exercise as the movement is performed using your upper body muscles. Your joints are all able to be pulled apart during the exercise.

Therefore, doing pull-ups does not result in any joint compression and at the same time, no pressure is put on your knees, lower back, and hips, that is convenient or difficult as it might be.

7. Biceps Builder

Do you agree that your biceps is involved while doing pull-ups? Well, I say you must agree.

To get a good hold on the bar, your mind automatically forces the biceps to help you. In my opinion, very few people know this and those who know, are definitely ripping all of the pull ups benefits.

It implies that doing pull-ups will grow biceps muscles over time, Have you seen street calisthenics guys tend to have well-developed biceps without doing curls even once?

Furthermore, by slowing down your pull-up speed, you can stimulate even more muscles in your biceps to grow.

8. Great fat Burner

If you want to burn calories and gain lean mass, perform pull-ups. The truth about pull-up is it is a challenging exercise but it involves more than one muscle while doing. That’s why, doing pull-ups consumes more energy and burns more calories.

However, that fact that pull-ups are challenging does not necessarily mean you can’t make progress. Obviously you can!

So how many calories do pull ups burn?

On that note, pull-ups rank pretty high among the common exercises to burn calories. Performing pull-ups for 30-minutes, you can surely burn around 298 calories(3), if you weigh around 155 lbs.

If you want to give your body a serious fat burning boost, hit as many pull-ups as you can in 30 seconds.

9. Enhances Your Core Strength & Stability

While doing pull-ups, your core is constantly engaged throughout the process in order to maintain form and stability. You may have felt it.

I have heard people asking “Are pull ups good for abs?“. The answer is:

Pull-ups will increase your core strength and stability overtime. Thats the reason, pull ups and abs are so related to each other. That’s why pull-ups make a great exercise for your stomach which will help you get six pack abs too.

10. Improves Your Cardiovascular Performance

No one would think pull-ups and cardio activity are inter-linked. However, they definitely are. That’s why, hitting some sets of normal pull-ups with short rest time improves a lot of your body’s circulation which acts as fuel to your muscles. As a result of that, you get a boost in your cardio.

Thus, pull-ups activates your blood circulation and heart rate. You can include pull-ups as a part of your workout routine too,

11. Builds Explosive Strength & Balance

Pull-Ups are the great exercise to build explosive strength and balance. Our sole purpose of working out is not only to build an aesthetic physique but also to improve our strength on different compound movements. Its very important to have explosiveness for a fitness freak to be a well-round athelete.

Here, explosiveness refers to that immediate action of shifting your state of inactivity to a state of high intensity engagement. That’s where fast pull-ups and muscle ups gain value.

If you improve your speed on the bar, it increases your explosiveness which in turn, enhances the movements like clean and jerk, better snatch, and your in-game performance in sports like football, basketball.

Apart form explosiveness, co-ordination and balance between upper body and lower body is continuously created while doing pull-ups. That’s why, pull-ups tend to improve both explosive strength and balance in your body.

12. Increases Your Height

Some people are tall. Despite of that, they appear short become of bad posture. Do you agree?

One significant benefits of pull ups is that it will definitely improve your posture. Thus, good posture will enable you stand tall and look lean.

Pull-ups are an awesome life saver for people with hunched back and pain in the back. It will strengthen your back muscles and reduces your back problems if you do it correctly and consistently.

13. Convenient & Easily Accessible

Pull-ups are still regarded as one of the most convenient exercises to do. Unlike many popular exercises that require specific equipment such as barbells a rack and more, all you need is a single bar.

You can use the pull-up bar at the gym or with only a few dollars, you can buy one and do pull-ups from the convenience of your own home. You can even do some pull-ups on the monkey bars at kids playground or in many parks out there.


If you are a fitness freak or a normal person, you must include pull-ups in your go-to exercise list. Due to its wide range of advantages, it will make you stronger, tougher, and healthier. It can also help you to boost your confidence as it improves your posture. Thus, pull-ups helps you both in and out of the gym.

Are you currently doing pull-ups? Do you know any other benefits of pull ups every day? Please, let us know in the comments below and contribute to the list above. Also, do not forget to share this article with anyone you think is interested in knowing about the benefits. Thanks for reading.

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