The 10 Best Back Workouts For Size and Strength – Tips and Benefits

Our back is not just a single muscle rather it is a group of muscles.

So for the proper development of back, you need to focus on different back exercises to work on small different muscle groups.
In this article, best back workouts for size and strength both are explained in detail to make it easy for you to grow back muscles fast and most solid. 

Back Muscles In a Nutshell

The back anatomy includes the Latissimus dorsi, Trapezius erector, Spinae rhomboid, and the teres major.
Apart from executing the back workout, it is very important to know the anatomy of the back muscles, the locations, and their functions.

Best Back Workouts For Size and Strength

Rack Pulls

Rack Pulls primarily work on the lower back muscles but the movement also works on your glutes and hamstrings.

This back exercise is also beneficial to increase your grip strength.

Muscles Involved

  1. Glutes
  2. Hamstrings
  3. Quadriceps
  4. Erector Spinae
  5. Trapezius and Back muscles

Benefits of Rack Pulls

Rack pulls are a primary exercise for powerlifters and strongmen athletes which is used to increase overall pulling strength, develop stronger trapezius and back muscle strength and the posterior chain and enhance the grip strength.

For general fitness, rack pulls can be used to increase muscle hypertrophy, basic pulling strength and as a progression for the deadlift.

How to do rack pulls?

  1. Set the bar on pins inner power rack such that the bar is slightly above your knee caps.Hold yourself in a proper deadlifting position.
  2. Make sure that your feet are under your hips, your group is shoulder-width apart and hits back to engage the hamstrings too.
  3. As you will be lifting typically heavyweight use a hook grip, or for use straps for holding the weight.
  4. Return the weight up and back by standing through your hips and knees with your head looking forward.
  5. Return to the initial position and repeat for desired reps.

Barbell rows

The barbell row is one of the best back workouts for building thicker and wider back muscles. It works the entire back musculature and is very good for gaining strength progressively.

Muscles Involved

  1. Latissimus dorsi ( back)
  2. Posterior shoulder, rhomboids, scapular stabilizers
  3. Forearms and biceps
  4. Spinal erectors
  5. Glutes and hamstrings

Benefits of Barbell rows

  1. Barbell rows will help you maximize overall upper body pulling strength quickly
  2. Barbell rows require the explosive pulling of the weight, which will eventually increase the amount of weight you will be lifting.
  3. It has a high capacity of progressive gaining which will help you get a big back.
  4. It will also teach you how to reinforce proper hip flexion which is very essential for executing any exercises that involve bending over.

How to perform Barbell rows?

  1. Grip the barbell with a grip that similar to your deadlift or can be slightly wider.
  2. Lift the bar Off The Ground and bend over maintaining a strong setback and hip hinge.
  3. Initiate the row by pulling and focus on bringing your elbows back your back for moving the weight.
  4. Precaution While doing this back workout, if your chest feels like dropping or the elbows are flaring out, then the weight is too heavy for you. So scale down your weights up to when you can lift properly by maintaining the correct form.


Deadlifts are primarily known as the “king of mass builders”. It will strengthen your back and its surrounding muscles. Moreover, it is a great back workout for developing your core strength and supporting other major muscle groups. The deadlift is a compound exercise that involves different muscle groups.

Muscles Involved

  1. Erector spinae( muscles of the lower back)
  2. Gluteus Maximus
  3. Adductor Magnus
  4. Quadriceps
  5. Core musculature

Benefits of Deadlifts

  1. It will improve your grip strength
  2. It will enhance your hip mobility and build a Strong Core
  3. It will help you improve your posture and build your leg strength
  4. It is a great indicator of strength which will also help you burn calories.
  5. It is awesome for back development and huge traps.

Perfect Deadlift Techniques

  1. Keep your feet flat on the floor, bend at the knees, and grab the bar with hands shoulder-width apart.
  2. Give the bar using a double overhand grip or reverse grip ( one overhand and another underhand). the reverse grip will allow you to lift heavier.
  3. Keep your chin up and I want to look forward with your eyes fixed on a sport on the ground.
  4. Lift the bar using your legs and strength of your glutes. drive the weight of words as explosively as possible.
  5. Pull your shoulders back at the top of the move and then carefully lower back to the ground.


  1. A deadlift is named so for reason and it is certainly the best back workout but only if you do it right.
  2. Always keep your lower back straight and test out using only quotes to lift bar will tell your knees and don’t involve your lower back until your Barbell touches your knees.
  3. Always keep your arms straight throughout your left to avoid enjoying your arms.
  4. Breathe properly.
  5. Breathe out while lifting the weight and breathe in lowering down.

Weighted Pull-Ups 

It is greatly an effective workout for strength and muscle growth as you can increase the intensity of each rep to maintain a progressive overload. Not only that it is a great workout for developing grip strength.

best back workout for men

Benefits of Weighted pull-ups

  1. Increase muscle mass in the upper body
  2. Develop proportional physique
  3. Develop a stronger grip
  4. Increase strength gains progressively

Note: Only add weights to pull-ups if you can do 12-16 reps of normal pull-ups.

Best variations to weighted pull-ups

  1. Wide grip weighted pull up – It will focus on your back and squeeze the lats when performing with full when the motion
  2. Underhand close-grip pull-ups – Not only back, it will also and size to your biceps peak and help you get stronger and bigger arms
  3. Slow and controlled pull-ups – By putting your back apps arms shoulders and muscles on the greater time on the tension will cause you to utilize and dam is more muscle fibers which again rebuild and make you stronger.

Weighted Chin-ups

Getting strong on doing weighted Chin Ups will help you build incredible strength and your back and arms will look amazing. Weighted Chin-ups are foundational upper body workout to build body strength and pack on muscles in your lats back and biceps.

Muscles Involved

  1. The back muscles( latissimus Dorsi)
  2. Forearms and grip muscles

Benefits of doing weighted chin-ups

  1. Increase upper body pulling strength
  2. Helps you get a stronger grip
  3. Increase the size and strength of your muscles
  4. Promotes proper posture alignment
  5. Increase your shoulder mobility
  6. Activate your lats and add muscles on it

How to do weighted Chin-ups?

Process + Progress Techniques

  1. By using a weight belt or vest add weight plates to your body.
  2. Then start with a supinated grip on a bath with your hands about shoulder-width apart.
  3. Take your shoulder blades down the back by retracting and pressing them and make sure you don’t know the shoulder girdle during the chin up.
  4. Set full the chest and chain to the wall by the strength of your biceps and back muscles.
  5. At the top of the bar stabilize your body and lower yourself on the control to the initial position.

Straight arm pushdown

Straight arm pushdown is great for working strength of triceps middle traps and shoulder girdle.

Muscles Worked

  1. Latissimus Dorsi
  2. Teres major
  3. Triceps
  4. Abs muscles

Benefits of straight arm pushdown

  1. Adds width to the back
  2. Strengthens your lats and triceps
  3. Stabilizes your abdomen

How to do straight arm pushdowns?

  1. Stand straight and grab the cable wire with palms facing the floor
  2. Keep your abs and glutes tight and put your hands straight towards the floor keeping your arms straight.
  3. Pause at the bottom then slowly raise your hands to the starting position in a controlled way.
  4. Emphasize and straight arms and maintain good posture

Seated Cable rows

Seated cable rows are an excellent compound workout for the back which will help you build a stronger muscular back and bigger biceps. it is used as an upper body strength workout and is usually performed before Lat pulldown. this pack workout will help you develop the muscles of the back and forearms.

Muscles Worked

  1. Lattissimus Dorsi
  2. Rhomboids
  3. Erector Spinae
  4. Biceps
  5. Erector Spinae

Benefits of Seated Cable Rows

  1. Strengthen your lats
  2. Increase forearm strength
  3. Stabilizes your biceps and triceps
  4. Activate your abs

How to perform Seated Cable Rows?

  1. Attach a triangle handle or simply a bar at the table.
  2. Sit on the platform with your knees bent slightly.
  3. Teach yourself to grab the handle with outstretched arms without curling the lower back over. engage your core and this will be your starting position.
  4. Pull the handle towards the lower abdomen without using the momentum of your torso.
  5. Target your middle and upper back I keeping your spine straight and squeezing your shoulder blades together, uh keeping your chest out.
  6. Return the handle forward to the initial position under tension to full Stretch by keeping your back straight.
  7. Repeat the exercise for desired reps.

Seated cable rows tips

  1. Keep your back straight throughout the movement.
  2. Do not move your torso rather use your arms for the motion.
  3. Release the weights in a very controlled way rather than bouncing and crashing.
  4. Use the full range of motion and maintaining proper form. If it feels difficult then reduce the weight and ensure you are getting a full range of motion.

One-arm dumbbell rows

The one-arm dumbbell row is an even better exercise than bent over barbell row. in this exercise, you are using one arm at a time which will allow you to focus on your efforts on the lats, traps, and back muscles.

Benefits of one-arm dumbbell rows.

  1. It enables you to focus on each side of your back.
  2. Strengthens your upper back
  3. Helps to find out strength imbalances(if any
  4. Offers a greater range of motion
  5. Increase your core strength
  6. Increase your upper body strength in the Shoulders too.
  7. Improve your posture
  8. Helps to maintain symmetry
  9. Prevent muscular imbalances
  10. Helps to achieve V-shape torso for men

Muscles Involved

  1. Latissimus Dorsi(Lats)
  2. The Trapezius
  3. Rhomboids
  4. Teres major and minor
  5. Infraspinatus
  6. Biceps and Brachialis
  7. Pectoral muscles

How to perform One-arm Dumbbell Rows?

  1. Stand to the right of your bench By holding a dumbbell in your right hand.
  2. Place your left knee and your left hand on the top of the bench for support. let your right hand with dumbbell hand down a little bit forward than your shoulders.
  3. Arch your back naturally and roughly parallel to the floor. you can bend your right needs slightly.
  4. Pull the weight of meteorite until your upper arm is parallel to the floor.
  5. Load the weight then slowly in a controlled manner.

Tips for performing One-arm Dumbbell Rows

  1. Focus and pulling from your back muscles
  2. Keep your core tight throughout the movement
  3. Don’t let your back sag or hog up.

Lat pulldown

Lat pulldown is a compound cable-based back exercise that activates your lats( latissimus dorsi). That’s why it is nicknamed as “Lat Activator”. It is also known as Bicep Lat Pulldown because your biceps with also play an assisting role in this exercise. It is a risk-free back workout as this is done on a machine but make sure that you perform it correctly to get the best possible outcome from it. Moreover, it is a strength-building workout that will help you gain lean and healthy muscles.

Muscles Involved

  1. Latissimus Dorsi
  2. Abs muscles
  3. Biceps and Shoulders
  4. Upper back

Benefits of Lat pulldown

  1. Strengthen your back muscles
  2. Strengthen your shoulders
  3. Helps to maintain stability in the lower back
  4. Stimulate your lats to become thicker and fuller

How to do Lat pulldown?

  1. Attach the wide grip bar to the pull machine. lock your legs by adjusting the knee support grip the bar firmly with overhand grip(palms facing forward) and wider than shoulder-width apart.
  2. Slightly lean back and lift your chest. keep your torso tight.
  3. Pull the bar down the upper chest, squeezing the shoulder blades together. make sure your elbows are moving downwards not backward behind you.
  4. Release the weight slowly back to the starting position and fully extend your arms stretching your lats

Tips for doing Lat pulldowns

  1. Keep your upper body stationary throughout the movement
  2. Squeeze your back muscles for maximum contraction
  3. Point your elbows towards the floor not backward
  4. Use of your biceps by using a Thumbless grip.

Close-grip Front Lat Pulldowns

Close grip front Lat pulldown is an excellent way to work the inner part of the back including the inner lats and traps. While this exercise will primarily target the lats, you’ll feel a fair amount of bicep and middle back activation too. It can be done during your back workouts, upper body workouts, pull workout, and full-body workouts.

Muscles Worked 

  1. Latissimus dorsi
  2. Abs muscles
  3. Biceps and Shoulders
  4. Upper back

Benefits of Close-grip Lat Pulldown

  1. Targets the latissimus dorsi
  2. Isolates the back muscles without involving biceps and triceps
  3. Helps to maintain proper posture
  4. Eases down the pulling moments

How to do close grip front Lat pulldowns?

  1. Attach the handle of the lat pulldown machine and sit on a chair with back support.
  2. Grab the handle with a double underhand grip that is about shoulder-width or less distance apart. This will be your starting position.
  3. Initiate the movement by depressing the shoulder blades and in flexing the elbow while standing on the shoulder.
  4. Pull the bar towards your body until the elbow in line with your torso and then slowly get the handle back to the starting position under control.
  5. Repeat for desired times.

Close Grip Lat Pulldown Tips

  1. Don’t arch your spine excessively
  2. Don’t use momentum for pulling rather control the weight entirely throughout the movement
  3. Don’t lock the shoulder blades
  4. Allow the shoulders to rotate internally.

Your Takeaway

Now that you have got 10 different best back workouts for size and beefy gains, choose from the list and implement it in your next Back day.

For your information, you won’t have to do all of these back exercises in one workout rather pick four or five of these and do those for 4 to 6 weeks and then again switch it up and continue doing that again and again.

Make sure you do low reps for strength and high reps for hypertrophy.Don’t forget to mention your favorite back workout in the comment section below.

Cheers! Thanks a lot for visiting our website.

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