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  • nike varsity compete tr2 review

    Nike Varsity Compete TR 2 | Full Review

    If you are looking for a perfect shoe for cross training, weightlifting, and general gym workouts, the Nike Varsity Compete TR 2 Trainer stands out in the oversized shoe market for a variety of reasons. While they may not be the ideal choice for running shoes, they often do just…

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  • how much does a curl bar weigh?

    How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh?

    How much does a curl bar weigh? If you’re just for the numbers sake, enjoy the table below: Type of Curl BarWeightLengthWeight of Olympic EZ Curl Bars18-25 lbs45-55 inchesWeight of Standard EZ Curl Bars12-17 lbs45-50 inchesWeight of Super Curl Bar18-24 lbs38-45 inchesHow much does a curl bar weigh? Tabulated Answer.…

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  • Best Elliptical Bike Combo

    Elliptical Bike Combo | Best 5 Elliptical Bikes Ever

    Before people used to talk about the elliptical trainer and recumbent bike, but now with time, there have been many different mind-boggling inventions. One of them is an “Elliptical Bike Combo.” Multifunctional fitness equipment, space-saving, and a whole-body trainer, the multifunctional elliptical trainer, has a lot more to offer.  …

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  • Streetstrider vs elliptigo

    (New) Streetstrider vs Elliptigo: Outdoor Elliptical Bike Reviews

    StreetStrider vs. ElliptiGO… Aren’t we comparing two aces of cross-training here, both of which are the rapidly growing brands of elliptical bikes in today’s fitness industry. Well, let me tell you this –  putting one up against another is really gonna be hard as hell for anyone because they are…

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  • best arm blasters

    10 Best Arm Blasters Buying Guide (Nov.2020)

    Proper technique and form matter the most when it comes to boosting muscle gains and achieving goals in a fairly short period of time.Yeah, in fact, form really does matter. In almost all the strength training exercises, doing incorrectly or in a bad form make you prone to potential injuries,…

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