Family-Friendly Resources to Help You Stay in Shape in Self-Isolation

For many areas, COVID-19 restrictions are on the horizon. This means that your favorite gyms and studios could face closures again, but that doesn’t have to mean living without physical activity. Working out safely at home has never been easier! And by staying in shape, you’ll be that much more prepared when your favorite fitness center reopens. Pro’s Fitness offers the following resources to help you start moving.  

First, You Need the Right Fitness Equipment 

Honestly, you don’t need a huge gym to stay in shape, and you can get an amazing workout by investing in a few fitness essentials for your home. 

  • The right equipment makes it easy to put together a home gym so you can return to regular workouts and start burning more calories. 
  • Carve out some dedicated yoga space in your new home gym so you can stay flexible. 
  • Mount a small TV in your home gym so you can follow along with online workouts. 

Then, You Need to Find Fun Indoor Workouts 

To stay safe and socially distant, millions of people continue to turn to online resources in order to keep those COVID-19 pounds off in lockdown. 

  • As mentioned above, online workouts can help you stay in shape at home and there are tons of online fitness classes available during lockdown. 
  • In addition to free fitness classes, you can also use free workout apps to stay on top of your health and wellness goals at home. 
  • Keep your workouts fresh by trying different fitness routines that can equate to a smaller waistline.
  • Kids can get in on the fitness fun as well by following along with online PE classes
  • Seniors also have an opportunity to keep with their fitness goals with easy indoor exercises.

Next, You Need to Curb Any COVID-19 Stress 

Stress can make it difficult to stay in shape, which can make it even harder to keep those lockdown pounds off when you are stuck at home. 

  • You can use simple recipes and short workouts to combat the effects of stress on your fitness and weight loss efforts.  
  • Making more time for self-care can also keep added COVID stress from sidetracking your home workouts. 
  • Losing out on sleep can make losing weight and managing stress more difficult, so try to find ways to unwind at night. 
  • If money woes are adding to your stress, you can cut expenses like dining out, switch from pricey to more budget-friendly internet, and cancel subscriptions you don’t need. 
  • Kids need stress relief too, so teach your little ones a few stress management tools. 

Finally, You Need to Find Safe Ways to Get Outside 

People are like plants: we need sunlight to grow and thrive, so make sure you get some small doses of nature. 

  • Getting a little sun can provide a big boost for your metabolism, so consider spending a few minutes each day out on your balcony or patio. 
  • Depending on where you live, you may also be able to exercise outside but make sure you are doing so safely. 
  • If you can’t get outside for some sun or exercise, light therapy may provide a similar boost for your mood and metabolism.

Don’t let gym and studio closings mess with your fitness goals! Find ways to get your body, and your family, moving indoors. Or take your workouts outside, when and where possible. 

Looking for more fitness resources? Turn to Pro’s Fitness where you can find a variety of workout routines for your entire body!

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Aaron Reiner

Aaron is a fitness blogger, founder & editor of Prosfitness. He has been lifting weights & writing about fitness for over 3 years. He has been a contributor for several health and fitness publications.

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