French Burnt Peanuts: The Best Tasty Classics?

Peanuts, The French Burnt Peanuts are here!

With a crunchy candy coating over a savory peanut center, these are a great movie or anytime snack!

This article is about treats for the sweet tooth and today we’re going to talk about French Burnt Peanuts, the Burnt Peanut or French Burnt Peanut.

As it’s called, itis similar to the Boston Baked Bean in that it has a candy shell with a peanut inside.

The only difference is the candy shell if you can see it. Hopefully its in focus is all bumpy.

And you know not smooth and also the peanut inside is roasted.

They taste like roasted. The problem was the last one, the first one I had which was ever I guess I got a burnt one? and it tasted really bad i was like, “now i know why they are called burnt peanuts” “the peanuts are burnt, they’re not roasted” but I just had two more and they were good.

They do taste roasted. So I guess I got a bad egg for the first time with my experience, and I’m glad I can share with you guys that they’re pretty good and they don’t taste burnt they taste roasted, so that’s good Just to give you a little information here from our fitness blog, our experience.

french burnt peanuts

So a little inside information I’m kinda curious when they named the Burnt Peanuts what were they thinking?

How’d they come up with Burnt Peanuts and not roasted. I kind of get it cause they’re red the candy shell. But I’m just curious Person

1) Let’s call them Roasted Peanuts Person

2) No let’s call them Burnt Peanuts Person

How they were made which is kind of similar to the burnt Boston Beans with a little different to get them, their bumpy exterior.

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