Get Huge Biceps With These 10 Best Exercises

If you want your biceps to fill out your t-shirts and look great not only from the side but also from the front then you have to train them in a way that not only helps them grow taller but also gets them to grow huge by making them wider and thicker.

This article is basically focused to answer your query on how to get huge biceps fast.

Unfortunately, most guys don’t realize that repeating the same common bicep curling exercises will only target one part of their biceps potentially helping that part grow bigger but not really helping their arms grow wider. This is because of the appearance of your bicep is not just determined by one single muscle.

Muscle growth is not the sole result of mechanical loading. So, researchers are searching for other mechanisms like metabolic stress or muscle damage as the probable cause to stimulate muscular growth.

You can notice that the bicep itself has two heads including the long head on the outside which makes up the majority of the peak and the short head on the inside which helps provide thickness but the often-overlooked muscle that is largely responsible for width and thickness is the brachialis which sits right behind the long head of the biceps

Even though it is hidden under the bicep, from the front angle of the brachialis, actually protrudes out the side of your arms.So training the brachialis with the right exercises will help directly increase the width of your arms.

So, without further ado let’s head into each one of the 10 best exercises to get huge biceps fast.

10 Best Exercises To Get Huge Biceps

  1. Hammer Curls

    Hammer curl is one of the best ways to target the brachialis by using a Hammer curl bar, also known as Tricep bar. If you do not have this barbell at your Gym, there is also another way that you can do this but most of the gyms will have it.

    To perform Hammer Curl, you should:

    1. Load a bar and grab it by the neutral grip in the center of the bar, keep yourself stand up position.
    2. Lean slightly forward while keeping your elbows fixed close to your sides.
    3. Then curl the bar upwards towards your chest.
    4. Once you get to the top of the contraction, squeeze your biceps for a second before slowly returning the barbell back to the initial position.
    5. Repeat for reps.

    1. TIPS
    2. 1. Since we are using a bar will we do want to go heavy but make sure that the weight is not so heavy that you are swinging backward to gather Momentum for each rep.
    3. 2. Make sure that you are not cheating yourself by raising your elbows forward and using your shoulder strength instead of your brachialis.
  2. Cross-body Hammer Curls

    In general curling, your hands in a neutral and a pronated position rather than the more common supinated position will help target your brachialis to a much greater extent. That’s why our second exercise uses that same neutral hand placement. It is the alternating cross-body hammer curl. For this one, you don’t need a fancy bar rather you only need two dumbbells.

    To perform Crossbody hammer curl, you should:

    1. Grab the dumbbells and hold them in a neutral position at your sides.
    2. Lean slightly forward to help take your shoulder out of the movement and to put more constant tension on the brachialis.
    3. Curl the dumbbell up but rather than coming straight up for a regular hammer curl, you want to come across your body aiming to bring the dumbbell up to your opposite pec.
    4. Then slowly load the number back down and repeat the same thing on the other side alternating back and forth for reps.
  3. Rope Cross-body Hammer Curls

    Another great exercise that follows a similar movement pattern involves the use of a cable machine and the rope attachment. Most people perform this exercise by keeping the rope with a neutral hand position and then curling the rope up and down but this bicep workout is more effective to do either on an incline or by using just one hand at a time because that will once again allow you to come all the way across your body.

    You can perform Rope Cross Body Hammer Curl in two different ways. They are:

    1. To perform Rope Cross Body Hammer Curl with one hand:
      1. To perform this exercise with one arm, use the same rope attachment but only grab it with one hand.
      2. Then curl across your body aiming to bring the rope to your opposite pec just like with dumbbells in hammer curl.
    2. To perform Rope Cross Body hammer Curl on an inclined bench:
      1. On the other hand, if you want to do this exercise on an inclined you would raise the pulley up high and lay back on a bench that’s set to about a low 30-degree angle.
      2. Then with your elbows raised, you would hold both ends of the rope in a neutral position and then would curl the rope in towards your face.

    1. Even though these exercises may look similar to hammer curls, you’re definitely going to feel working your brachialis little differently because of the different angles and the uniform constant tension that the cable provides.

      Before jumping to another brachialis exercise I want to first switch over to the short head of the bicep because like I say the breaking Alice will keep you waiting on the outside of your arm brother short head is what will give you that width in the inside of your arm?

  4. Concentration Curl

    So and an awesome simple exercise for the short head is the concentration curl. But to really target that short head, you should perform it in a specific way.

    To perform Concentration Curl, you should:

    1. First, begin by dragging the dumbbell and then sit down with your legs wide in your upper elbow against the inside of your thigh. dumbbells should be hanging down with your hand in a neutral position and the trick to really put maximum tension on the shorted is to turn the dumbbell over so that your Pinky comes up higher than your thumb.
    2. Then slowly return the dumbbell back to the starting hanging position and repeat for reps.
    1. You can also use this exercise to very effectively target the brachialis as well by performing the curls with the neutral hand position aiming to bring the dumbbell up to your opposite pec.
  5. Incline dumbbell curl variation

    Another amazing exercise for the short head is a variation of the incline dumbbell curl.Regular incline dumbbell curls are normally used to stretch and activate the long head of the bicep but by turning our palms away from ourselves and by rotating the arms and what we can transfer that stretch and that tension over to the short head very effectively.

    To perform Incline dumbbell curl variation, you should:

    1. So to do this one you’ll want to set the bench at about 60 to 75-degree angle then while holding to dumbbells, you want to really externally rotated forearm so that your arms are facing away from your body and then from there used both dumbbells of towards your shoulders while trying once again to turn your pinkies up.
    2. After that slowly return background while keeping your arms rotated outward and then repeat for reps.Even though most people prefer to curl both dumbbells up at the same time you can, of course, do this exercise by alternating and curling one side at a time.
  6. Wide Grip Cable EZ Bar – Preacher Curl It is a very powerful exercise that targets the short head of biceps. most of you already do regular but this is a variation that will work your bicep little different live is it will keep constant tension on your biceps even when you bring the all the way up to your chin.

    To perform Wide Grip Cable EZ Bar – Preacher Curl, you should:

    1. Begin to attach and easy bar or a straight bar to the cable then take a wide grip.
    2. Stand up straight and take a few steps back and squat down.
    3. Place the lower part of your triceps over your knees. Make sure you’ll lean slightly back to prevent the weight from pulling you off balance.
    4. Then just like with regular preacher curls, all the weight of and then slowly lower back down.
    5. Repeat for desired reps.
    1. This exercise will not only help you target the short head effectively but you won’t have the ability to rest at the top of its contraction like you would with regular preacher curls which means all that the tension stays on the biceps the whole time.
  7. Inclined Reverse Grip Cable Curls

    In order to perform inclined reverse grip cable curls:

    1. For this and easy bar will be more comfortable for your hands but you can also use a straight bar as well as in either case you set the bench to about a 45-degree angle then grab the bar with a reverse grip about shoulder-width of Art and lean back against the bench.
    2. Once you are in the position you will call the bar will afterward your Chain and then slowly return back down before repeating for reps.Keep in mind that you will want to loop your thumbs over the bar rather than under it because that will help you the take your biceps how to the movement allowing you to concentrate more on your brachialis.
    1. Click here to watch a video on how to perform Inclined reverse grip cable curls to get huge biceps fast.

  8. Reverse EZ Bar Spider Curl

    Another great pronated or reverse grip exercise that will target your brachialis is reverse EZ Bar Spider Curl.

    To perform reverse EZ Bar Spider Curl, you should:

      1. Here you once again have the bench at an incline angle and you will a fashion-forward flat down against the bench.
      2. You will want to hold the easy buy once again with your palms facing down than your thumbs looped over the bar and you will want your chest more. So, at the top of the bench from where you are going to curl the weight up, squeeze at the top and slowly lower back down then repeat for reps.
  9. Outward Bicep Cable Curl

    This exercise works your short head and is great for your inner arm thickness. it is really a great cable exercise for that short head. Unlike white cable barbell curls using individual handles will allow you to rotate your arms all the way I have to really put tension on that inner head.

    To perform Outward Bicep Cable Curl, you should:

    1. Stand right above the cables with your palms rotated out away from your body.
    2. Then while keeping your arms out what you will want to curl the weight of towards your shoulders and concentrate on leading with pinkies so that they are higher of than the shoulders.
    3. Then come back down and repeat for reps.
  10. Wide grip barbell curl

    Last but not the least and by far the best exercise that is not mentioned yet for the short head is the wide grip barbell curl. and it is better to do this with an arm Blaster. If you don’t have an arm blaster then don’t worry about it. wide grip barbell curls are Steel very effective without one but the arm blaster will help prevent you from using Momentum and it will bring your own slider for waterlogging you to better target that’s what had even more.

    But whether you take the arm blasters or not, the exercise remains the same.

    To perform wide grip barbell curl, you should:

    1. Take a wide grip at least a couple inches wider than your shoulders.
    2. Then while keeping your elbows fixed in place, curl the weight up to your chest and then lower back down and repeat for reps.
    3. Now if you want to get an arm Blaster, extremely request you to go through my affiliate link by clicking here. You won’t have to pay any more money rather I will get a small amount of commission that will motivate me to add more useful content on this site
    4. But if you’d rather save your money, you can get many of the same benefits simply by performing wide grip barbell curls on a preacher machine instead.


So those are the best biceps exercises to help you get huge biceps both on the outside and on the inside of your arms.

Even though the long head of the bicep provides more of the peak and the height rather than width it doesn’t change the fact that you should also be training the long head with exercises like narrow grip barbell curls, drag curls, and regular incline dumbbell curls to have a complete and full looking biceps.

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