How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh?

How much does a curl bar weigh?

If you’re just for the numbers sake, enjoy the table below:

Type of Curl BarWeightLength
Weight of Olympic EZ Curl Bars18-25 lbs45-55 inches
Weight of Standard EZ Curl Bars12-17 lbs45-50 inches
Weight of Super Curl Bar18-24 lbs38-45 inches
How much does a curl bar weigh? Tabulated Answer.

**Note: There is not any global data on standard length, weight, price, and diameter of curl bars. This comparison table is made on the basis most commonly found barbells at gym.

But…Knowing just the weight of the curl bars is not the end of the game. Do you even know why the weight of the curl bar even matters?

Stick with us till the end of this article to know what different curl bars have to offer and which one is gonna be the best choice for you.

Why is the weight of the curl bar important?

Weightlifting is easy, right? Yup. But only to the eyes. If you’re the one who lifts, you’ve to fight a lot of tooth and nail to make a headway.

In order to make progress, there is much more than just lifting. 

That may be why bodybuilders think the world of weight bars.

How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh?

It is surely going to be tough to choose the best curl bar from the 10+ various curl bars stacked in your gym. However, selecting a proper weight bar is paramount to your training progress, supplement for your compound lifts and take care of old injuries or any limitations.

Types of Ez Curl Bars and Their Weight

There are varieties of curl bars available. That’s why their physical attributes like length, weight, curvature etc. may not be necessarily the same globally. Moreover, to keep the track of your progress, knowing the weight of Curl Bar becomes handy sometimes.

Unlike Straight Barbells which come in standard size and weight, Ez curl bars have some fluctuation in their weight from one to another.

And for someone who thinks weighing an Ez Curl Bar on a scale is not his/her kind of job, our short and handy article will give you some clear image of how much a curl bar weighs.

In order to narrow down the idea, the Ez Curl bar is further classified into three major groups.

Olympic Curl Bar

Unlike the name suggests, olympic curl bars are not merely for olympic lifters.

The Olympic Ez bar has a pair of angled sections for hand placements, the primary purpose of which is to reduce the stress on the wrist joints.

Almost all the gyms commonly have this type of Ez Bar.

As mentioned earlier, Olympic Ez bar weight and dimensions vary depending on the manufacturer and the model.

It has a 2 inches sleeve diameter which is why it is called the Olympic bar.

Olympic Curl Bars are relatively heavier which is addressed by the fact the materials used are of superior quality and are made up of metals of high tensile strength.

Thus, Olympic Ez Curl Bar has a length of approximately 50” and its weight falls under the range of 18-25 lbs.

Standard Curl Bar

Standard Curl Bars used to be in every gym during the good old golden era of bodybuilding. These popular Ez curl bars are rarely used in today’s commercial gym.

Unlike Olympic Ez Curl Bars, it does not feature a 2 inch sleeve to hold olympic weight plates.

Material-wise, standard curl bars are designed of simple chrome-plated stainless steel bars which are molded into a shape of Ez Curl Bar with heat treatment.

These bars are usually sought by people who want to go for lightweight barbells.

The standard Ez Curl bar is approximately 47 inches long and weighs around 12-17 lbs.

Due to their low weight holding capacity, most gyms prefer Olympic curl bars over standard curl bars. 

Super Curl Bar

Super Curl Bar is more or less similar to Olympic Ez Curl Bar. It features same angled sections but sections here are more deeper.

The sole purpose of this design is dedicated to advanced lifters and professional athletes who want more versatility and workout options.

The super curl bars have similar spinning sleeves with 2 inches diameters for holding olympic plates. Super Curl Bar built and designed is comparatively heaviest in the whole group of Ez Curl Bars.

The Super Curl Bar can weigh between 25-35 pounds.

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FAQs on how much does a curl bar weigh.

How much does a standard bar weigh?

Standard straight barbell weighs around 45 pound and is about 80-85 inches long.

How much does the preacher’s curl bar weigh?

The Ez Bar at your preacher curl bench can weigh around 18-22 lbs.

How much does the bench press bar weigh?

Bench Press Bar can weigh about 45 lbs. For complete beginners, lifting only a bar is enough to start out with.

How much does an olympic bar weigh?

Olympic Bars are 2.2m long and weigh around 44 lbs.

How much does an Ez bar weigh?

The weight of an ez bar varies widely. As a general overview, a typical Ez Bar in your gym can weigh around 22-40 lbs.

How much does a hex bar weigh?

Hex Bar, commonly used for deadlift purposes, weighs anywhere between 35 and 65 pounds.

How much does a cambered bar weigh?

The Rackable Cambered squat bar weighs around 65 lbs with an overall length 91 and ½ inches.


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