(New) Streetstrider vs Elliptigo: Outdoor Elliptical Bike Reviews

StreetStrider vs. ElliptiGO…

Aren’t we comparing two aces of cross-training here, both of which are the rapidly growing brands of elliptical bikes in today’s fitness industry.

Well, let me tell you this –  putting one up against another is really gonna be hard as hell for anyone because they are damn too close in almost every aspect, be it cost, comfort, or versatility.

However, If you are in a dilemma to choose between ElliptiGO’s Outdoor bike and Streetstrider’s outdoor bike, worry not. You have landed at the right station. I did the research to find out the best outdoor elliptical bike for you.

I did extensive research in and out of the internet and have brought up this detailed guide that includes not only my personal opinion but also the outcome of an in-depth comparison of the two stars of the elliptical bike industry.

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What are Elliptical Bikes?

Elliptical bikes are the latest innovation in the fitness industry.

I shall say, elliptical bikes are the hybrid of two equipment- one elliptical trainer (X-trainers) that you use to hit cardio in the gym and a regular bicycle.

Well, the combo of those two machines gives you something unusual, a full-body workout and interaction with the outdoor environment. Amazing right? This extraordinary workout session, well without needing to get stuck in that stinky gym, is certainly something no one would say no to.

The craze of elliptical bikes’ innovation is spreading all over the world like a wildfire. Although there are a bunch of elliptical bikes’ brands racing against one another, all of them are not making it to the top.

These two great elliptical bike brands, StreetStrider and ElliptiGO, are quite a step ahead of other similar brands. And between these two also, there is a cut-throat competition. Despite that, both ElliptiGO and StreetStrider have pretty significant users worldwide.

This article comprises the key things that will help you choose between Streetstrider vs ElliptiGO.

About The Brands

ElliptiGO and StreetStrider are the front-end competitors of the elliptical bike industry. They are the leading brands for outdoor elliptical bicycles and have been competing for several years already. However, both of the brands can satisfy their target users with innovative designs and beneficial features in their bikes.

StreetStrider vs ElliptiGO

ElliptiGO, first registered in 2008, is the pioneer of the elliptical bike market. They commercially launched the famous model ElliptiGO 8C in 2010 and has seven different models. This consistently growing elliptical bike brand has been praised by many athletes, especially professional runners who cross-train using bikes or enjoy low impact cardio. Noteworthy athletes and Olympians like Meb Keflezighi, Julie Culley, and Miranda Boonstra use ElliptiGO bikes for cross-training themselves. The latest of their innovative models include Long-Stride Elliptical bikes and Stand Up Bikes(SUB).

StreetStrider, registered in 2007, is the next famous front runner in the elliptical bike industry. Although they entered the market later, they have been bringing up popular models that are best for a full-body workout, both outdoor and indoors. Moving on in the market, StreetStrider launched an impressive model, called the 11s, which they call the fastest, most versatile, and most technologically advanced StreetStrider ever built. StreetStrider brands are most popular among the beginners as it offers a bit more stability due to the extra wheel in it.

Design: ElliptiGO vs StreetStrider

ElliptiGO vs Streetsrider

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Which wins?

While both of the free pedalled bikes feature an elliptical stride motion, their formation and framework vary significantly from one another and gives a unique riding experience. EllitpiGo’s design will be easy to start out for cyclists. However, it also features an elliptical stride motion in its design.

The traditional cycle handlebar in ElliptiGO offers more responsive handling on curves and corners. At the same time, the StreetStrider handles, which follow the elliptical motion of the pedal, can pump up your arms. “Stand up” design and posture friendly architecture in both brands offers a full-body workout, and you’ll be simulating the running or walking action in both bikes. However, the “Lean to Steer” technology in StreetStrider demands more abs and core engagement than counterpart’s traditional cycle steering system.

The three-wheel system of Street Side obviously appeals to beginners who have fewer skills of balancing the bike. But to those who are already familiar with bicycles, ElliptiGO is much more comfortable and won’t require much practice.

No matter how the designs differ in these two brands, both are suitable for people of whatever height and size and can be adjusted according to the need too.

So which one do you like? In my opinion, people who have cycling skills would opt for ElliptiGO and the beginners who cannot balance but don’t want to waste their time rather directly hop into reaping the benefits of a self-balancing cycle would go for StreetStrider.

Comfort: ElliptiGO vs StreetStrider

ElliptiGO vs Streetsrider

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Which wins?

Both of the brands provide an exceptional level of comfort while pushing yourself to succeed in your fitness goals. The stress and discomfort have been significantly reduced in each of these elliptical bike designs.

The seatless design in both of these bikes has reduced the need for hunching over to hold on to the handlebars, which makes your shoulder feel relaxed, and your back feels straight and natural.

Although much of the comfort factors match up, the differences in wheels and handlebars create a significantly different experience. The two wheels at the front in StreetStrider makes it way more stable and more relaxed, so you can get that “balancing factor” out of mind and focus entirely on propelling forward and exercising.

Moreover, in StreetStrider’s design, the mighty arm levers moving in unison with your pedal will synchronize your whole body and tune your arms and torso movement with your lower body movement.

Many elliptical bike users have noted out that the elliptical bikes are a whole lot easier in case you have had any record of previous injuries. The design is really easy on your knees and joints. The “low impact design” of elliptical bikes allowed one of the buyers of ElliptiGO, who had torn his meniscus, to return and enjoy an outdoor workout, which would otherwise be really tough.

Another elliptical bike rider who bought StreetStrider, who had surgery in both of his knees, is enjoying an invigorating outdoor full-body workout without any “knee pains.”

Steering: ElliptiGO vs StreetStrider

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Which wins: ?

The most visible and contrasting difference between these front runners of the elliptical bike industry is their handlebars and steering mechanism. If you know cycling, ElliptiGO is similar in a way that steering is done by turning the handlebars and leaning at certain times and velocities. However, The StreetStrider utilizes the innovative “Lean to Steer” system that requires the riders to shift their body weight in a specific direction to steer in that direction.

Thus, StreetStrider has movable arm levers, which guarantees a proper full-body workout, ensuring a right arm pump and core engagement. Despite these compelling benefits, the wrong side of the “lean-to steer” system is that it is not easy to master in the beginning.

Also, The StreetStrider can be quite severe as it can be challenging to take sharper turns just by leaning, unlike ElliptiGO, which offers an incredible turning radius and greater control over abrupt direction changes.

With more users expressing similar feelings, I think the ElliptiGO is better as it offers more control and dynamic riding experience.

Transmission Gears: ElliptiGO vs Streetsrider

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Which wins?

ElliptiGO features a Shimano Alfine Speed transmission and offers varieties of speed levels based on the models and stride line. It provides a broader range of speed levels to its customers.

The 3-speed models like 3C and Arc 3 are intended for newbies while the 8 – models are suited for experienced riders.

StreetStrider also comes with high-quality Shimano Nexus multi-speed transmission with a twist grip shifter, which provides the best resistant level in almost all terrains, from flat grounds to sloping hills.

Thus, although both brands feature excellent quality Shimano gears, ElliptiGO’s more extensive range of speed transmission is undoubtedly worth choosing. In fact, choosing a bike with a more excellent range of speed modification allows you to ride on almost all kinds of terrains.

If you intend to ride on hilly terrain, an 8 or 11-speed unit is highly recommended. For riders who only encounter flat grounds, 3-speed units will work just fine.

Cruising Speed: ElliptiGO vs Streetsrider

ElliptiGO vs Streetsrider

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Which wins?

The ElliptiGO bike is undoubtedly more versatile in terms of speed abilities. Since the StreetStrider offers you the two-speed units, namely, 3-speed unit and the 8-speed unit, the speed of it will max out somewhere between 15-20 mph. On the contrary, ElliptiGO bikes can reach the speed of anywhere between 15-25 mph.

Weight Limit: ElliptiGO vs Streetsrider

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Which wins?

Both of the brands of elliptical bikes have the design strength of handling weight up to 250 lbs. Although StreetStrider can bear 50lbs more, anything more than this will cause too much stress on the bikes, and they may not perform efficiently, thus degrading over time.

Foldability: ElliptiGO vs Streetsrider

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Which wins?

Both are fine. The ElliptiGO bikes’ handlebars and wheels can be easily removed, and the bike can be fitted on a vehicle, probably you’d need an SUV to transport it far where you want to ride. The StreetStrider offers a more straightforward quick-release folding system that can be easily folded and held tight by a strap for long-distance transportation.

Health-wise Benefits: ElliptiGO vs StreetStrider

Stand up bikes are the latest innovation that allows the users to have a full-body workout while enjoying the outdoor environment. However, the movable handlebars of StreetStrider are found to engage and pump your arms. The “lean to steer” technology in StreetStrider makes it more useful for core and abs than the counterpart. Although both bikes are beneficial full-body trainers, StreetStrider bikes are more helpful when it comes to muscle engagement.

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ElliptiGO vs StreetStrider: My Verdict

Investing in elliptical bikes is like investing in yourself. Thus, it is crucial to put your buck in the right bang so that you won’t regret it later.

Although there are a lot of similarities between the bikes, there are also a lot of contrasting features that make it easier to choose which one is best for you.

In my opinion, I’d go for ElliptiGO bikes. That’s not a random choice. It all boils down to three factors:

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My Fitness Goals

Being a fitness fanatic, I always like to find innovative techniques to push myself. When I cycle, I do it for burning calories and toning muscles at the same time. Thus, speed and resistance are what I want. I’d prefer ElliptiGO for this as it is much similar to the traditional cycle, and I can ride it anywhere in hilly terrain and rough roads too.

My Riding Experience

Since my childhood, I always have been pretty close to cycles. I used to cycle every day to my school too. Thus, unlike many people, balancing the period is not a problem for me. It makes me lean towards ElliptiGO due to its responsive handling rather than the resting balance of the StreetStrider.

My Riding Terrain

I don’t own an SUV. If I did, the brands would not matter because I could easily fold the bike and transport it anywhere to ride in any type of terrain I’d like.

However, my locality is somewhat curvy – windy kind. Thus, a traditional bicycle was quite excellent in almost all the roads, be it rough or black-topped. The conventional cycle handles were a lot easier in curves and corners. Thus, I think ElliptiGO is a better go-to option for me.

I hope the factors I chose and the considerations I made will help you decide which elliptical bike is best for you. 

The Takeaway

Elliptical bikes are the praiseworthy achievement of the modern fitness industry. In this competitive market, two leading brands- ElliptiGO and StreetStrider, have been dominating the marketplace.

On making a vast comparison in every aspect, we can see that no company is exactly a winner or loser. It’s because both brands offer unique astounding features that are suitable for specific target populations.

If you’re a beginner and just starting your journey in fitness, then it is more likely that you’d like to for StreetStrider Elliptical Bikes. It has more weight-bearing capacity and offers a more full-body workout, including your arms and core. It can be your calorie burner and outdoor friend at the same time.

If you are already an athlete and are an experienced cyclist, you’d better consider ElliptiGO elliptical bikes. EllipitiGO is for adventure and thrill-seekers. They also offer a more extensive range of speed-levels, which makes them suitable for different terrains.

The choice is all yours!

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